Monday Prompt

When it’s raining hailstones
at my footstep
I try to transform them into flurries
and raindrops
when I catch sight of the water
through every pore
instead of wetting my feet
I must steer clear of it
to let it flow

When stormy whistles
aggravate the situation
I define calmness

Prompt~What kind of people do you attract?

Human interactions are a major part of our existence. Whether it’s a workplace or a casual gathering, It’s true that we are always on the lookout for people to connect with. …

A poetry prompt.

Hope stems from the vectors of pain
withstanding the challenges
the strength of hope gives rise to the desperation
to change the frame
while doing so it threatens the fear
and pushes the resignations away

Hope keeps our feelings and emotions in order
during the blinding chaos
by guarding the reactions and…

Inspiring prompts #3~detaching with love.

Why do accepting a loved one doing certain things becomes hard sometimes. I wonder. A strict framework is always ready. I always imagine my loved ones doing things a specific way.

I am ok when I see others do things that I might not approve of for myself or the…

All the right advice to make it easier.

“I hate writing, I love having written.”
Dorothy Parker

It is easy to think. Even easier to read what others think. But when it comes to communicate what we are thinking, it’s a task to pen it down. Effectively. We have invisible liberty over our thoughts. The flow of…

A phrase about one simple pleasure in life.

By William Blake

William Blake’s ‘A poisonous tree’ is one of his finest poems. In this poem, he has explored anger and its corrupting effect.

The poem consists of four stanzas. Each stanza has four lines in a rhythmic pattern. The central idea is to explore the ramifications of anger. Anger is one…

Monday prompt

“It is the dawn of a new day, and it is raining cats and dogs.
Like a child, dance in the rain, and forget your sorrows.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Nothing can beat the rain and the freshness it brings along. I love stepping out…

Shortform Theme of the Week: Celebrating my tiny steps toward self-care.

Crankiness was slowly becoming my constant attitude. My hair was falling at an alarming rate. It was everywhere, my bed, the bathroom floor, and even the food (yuck)!

I blamed my work hours, my kids (lol an easy target), and the food. After few months of trying all sorts of…

#NatPoWriMo~Write a poem that embodies a very strong emotion.

Fear of new places
fear of new faces
fear of loneliness
fear of challenges
fear of future
fear of failures
fear of darkness
fear of death
the ever-lurking shadow of fear
residing inside me
coerced me
and turned me into a feeble and frail being

Fear chained me
with confusion…

Shaista Malik

Thinker, Reader, and Educator. Love to talk about food and life.

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